Ferrero Palm Oil Charter

Ferrero believes it has a significant role to play in leading the sustainable transformation of the palm oil sector, to the benefit of the environment and of the communities living and working in palm oil-producing countries. We have been members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2005. Throughout a robust, publically available, time-bound implementation plan, we have worked extensively with our suppliers within a global responsible palm oil procurement policy requiring palm oil that is traceable according to the RSPO Segregated supply chain. We are on track to achieve 100% traceable segregated, RSPO-certified palm oil by the end of 2014, nearly one year ahead of our original schedule.
Yet Ferrero’s responsibility does not stop at certification, which is just the first step in meeting our employees’ and consumers’ expectations.
Within this framework, we choose to strengthen our commitment to responsibly source palm oil through this Ferrero Palm Oil Charter in order to address the leading causes of deforestation and create the optimal balance between the conservation of the environment, community needs and economic benefit and viability.
We are committed to making sure that our palm oil suppliers are:
1. Providing fully traceable oil, while including smallholders.
2. Not clearing High Carbon Stock forests.
3. Not using fire to clear land.
4. Not planting on peat soils.
5. Protecting orang-utans and other endangered species by maintaining High Conservation Value areas.
6. Reporting on the greenhouse gas emissions of their production.
7. Respecting human rights, including the right to Free, Prior, and Informed Consent of indigenous and local communities.
8. Recognizing, respecting and strengthening the rights of workers.
9. Not using Paraquat.
10. Actively fighting corruption.

How will we implement this commitment?

Ferrero has agreed with its suppliers to meet the targets of this Palm Oil Charter, and will support them in its implementation. We will work with our NGO partners, including TFT- The Forest Trust- to assess our suppliers, monitor progress in the field and publically report our performance against this Charter.

We will engage suppliers immediately to ensure they meet the Charter principles as soon as possible, by the way by the end of 2015. Many of them are already implementing these principles in their production.

We will report transparently and publically on progress every six months.

Visit also www.tft-forests.org

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Ferrero launches “FERRERO HAZELNUT AWARD CONTEST” to support research and innovation in the hazelnut world

Ferrero launches “FERRERO HAZELNUT AWARD CONTEST” to support research and innovation in the hazelnut world

An opportunity for PhDs and researchers from all around the world to contribute to innovation in hazelnut cultivation

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Ferrero is not for sale to anyone

Ferrero is not for sale to anyone

 Giovanni Ferrero, Chief Executive of the Ferrero Group, categorically denies that the Company has received any acquisition proposals from another Group within the confectionary sector and confirms that Ferrero is not for sale to anyone.

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Ferrero presents its fourth report on Corporate Social Responsibility

Ferrero presents its fourth report on Corporate Social Responsibility

Ferrero’s fourth Corporate Social Responsibility report is now available, following the public presentation on 10th July at the headquarters of “Il Sole 24Ore” in Milan.

This fourth edition was drafted on the basis of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiatives) Organization parameters. For the second consecutive year, the Ferrero Group has received the highest level of reporting confirmed by GRI Statement, which corresponds to A+.

The report also takes into account: the "Ten Principles" of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and "The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises." The external revision of this report was carried out by DELOITTE.

This year, the publication of the CSR report is combined with the launch of a website dedicated to the corporate social responsibility of the Group. This website offers useful information related to CSR, the possibility to view and download previous published reports and access an interactive sustainability footstep of the Group.

The new CSR website is available at www.csr.ferrero.com.

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Ferrero presents its third report on corporate social responsibility

Ferrero presents its third report on corporate social responsibility

Ferrero’s third corporate social responsibility report is now available online in several languages.

The report has been officially presented today, for the first time in Istanbul, at “Palazzo Venezia”, the residence of the Ambassador of Italy in Turkey.

The report illustrates the Ferrero Group’s strategy for social responsibility and sustainability as well as its activities throughout the world in 2011.

In view of the objectives set for 2013 and, in the long term for 2020, the issues described have been selected according to their level of importance for the Group and taking into account the opinions of the stakeholders, through specific sessions.

The report was edited by the CSR Office of the Ferrero Group in conformity with:

- GRI Guidelines-Global Reporting Initiative

This year, for the first time, the Ferrero Group has attained A+ level which is the highest level of sustainability reporting confirmed by GRI check and GRI Statement.

Independent assurance of the whole report was carried out by Deloitte.

The report is also available on the Internet at: www.ferrero.com

For the English version of the report, click here >

For the Italian version of the report, click here >

For any comment e-mail to csr@ferrero.com  

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New Ferrero plant to open in Turkey in 2013

New Ferrero plant to open in Turkey in 2013

2013 will see the inauguration of the Group’s 19th production plant, which will rise in the industrial zone of Manisa, in the immediate vicinity of the Izmir port, in western Turkey.
With this decision, Ferrero has shown that it firmly believes in the economic development of Turkey and is particularly interested in the demographic growth of the country. Thus, Turkey is not seen solely as a country of strategic importance as a supplier of raw materials, but also as a domestic market of great interest for Ferrero products in the coming years. Earmarked for the production of Nutella and Kinder chilled products, the plant extends over an area of 146,000 m2. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2013, and when on stream it will provide work for over 200 direct employees and as many in the ancillary industries. The chosen province has a particularly young population and this investment will also foster the development of Ferrero’s Social Enterprises, whose aim, in accordance with their statutory mission, is to improve the health care and educational opportunities for the children living in the area where the plant will rise.

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